How to build your trolley


1 x Top Bar with 90┬║ fittings. 2 x Long Spars. 1 x Hull-saver with rope. 1 x Aluminium axle. 2 x Wobble Rollers. 4 x Washers. 2 x Retaining Clips. 1 x Middle Spacer. 2 x Outer Spacers


Onto your aluminium tubed axle add the middle axle spacer.
axle with tubes

Slide on the wobble rollers…one either side of the middle spacer tube (about 500mm long).

Then add the two smaller outer spacer tubes.
outer tubes on

Add the long-spars making sure the non axle ends point towards each other.
spars added

A washer goes between wheel and spar.
washer between spar and wheel

Add the wheels.


Add the outer washers and the R clips.
washer and r clip

Add the top bar, ensuring “A” goes to “A” and “B” to “B” .
top bar a to a

. a little forceful push may be needed here.

Insert the stainless bolt with shake free nut and tighten by a turn or two.

Pull the boat on to the trolley with the rope (painter), trapping the boat between the hullsaver and top bar.

Adjust hull-saver ropes so that hull-saver doesn’t dangle when boat is on trolley.

Manoeuvre  the boat by pulling on the boat rope.

Don’t pull the trolley…..pull the boat!